Break Out Day
Long Island pop punk quartet Break Out Day have unveiled their new EP Echoes Of The Past, out now. The EP highlights the growth of the band as a four piece, as all 4 songs showcase an evolution of sorts and emphasize on different elements of pop punk. 

Influenced by the genre’s veterans, including All Time Low and Simple Plan, the lead single The Party’s Over is the first Break Out Day track to feature both lead vocalist Brandon Wimberly and drummer Perry Dornbush. While the track One More Night incorporates more of an alternative style, Too Bad You’re Lying is a reworked acoustic version of a track on their first EP.  Stream it below!

About the record, the band states:
Overall, the four songs on “Echoes of the Past” each serve a unique purpose in chronicling our evolution as a band. “The Party’s Over” is a high-octane, pop punk anthem complete with power chords and fast, double-bass drumming. “Deleted Imagery,” which features the band’s first true breakdown, rocks hard and heavy throughout. “One More Night,” the band’s lengthiest song to date, enters a bit of uncharted melodic and textural territory.  Last, but most certainly not least, “Too Bad You’re Lying (Acoustic)” is a callback to where this band came from and a reminder of how far we’ve come since.
Break Out Day was started by identical twin brothers Andrew and Jason Weisbein in the summer of 2009 in the village of Roslyn on the North Shore of Long Island, NY. Influenced by artists such as blink-182, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, and Angels & Airwaves, Andrew and Jason spent the next few years writing original music and playing local shows. 

In May 2013, after filling in for a couple of shows, Perry Dornbush joined the band as their full-time drummer. They performed as a three-piece group for a while, but were eager to acquire a fourth member to serve as a permanent lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. After adding a new member to fill that slot, the band hit the studio that summer to record their first official release. 

In September 2013, the band unleashed its sound in the debut EP The Nights That Made It. After the departure of that 4th member, the band spent three years searching and auditioning several candidates to fill that role. The band officially added Brandon Wimberly as its fourth member in November 2016. Now with a solid, four-member lineup, Break Out Day is performing, writing, and recording consistently all around the tri-state area.