Valiant Unveil New Single "Feels Like Home"
Hey guys! Time to dance! Valiant is the stage name of London-based producers, DJ’s and multi-instrumentalists Jack Burchill and Charlie Cocks, aka Valiant, have just unveiled their brand new single Feels Like Home, featuring KALU. I am loving the groove of the track and its energy. KALU's powerful and emotive vocals give the song an extra melancholic vibe that drew me in from the very first listen! Stream it below!

Feels Like Home is a track that takes the idea of commercial electronic music, and combines it with a sense of originality and edge that is not often found in the mainstream EDM world today. Despite the fact that it uses elements of trap, house and in some areas, future bass, it refuses to conform to modern EDM archetypes. Add the powerful and emotive vocal talents of London-based singer KALU to the melancholic piano chord progressions and you truly find a piece of music that evokes feelings that a normal dance track could not. 

At 22 and 20 years of age respectively, they have already had a wealth of experience performing live and experimenting within different musical genres from Jazz to Dubstep. This has culminated in the creation of the Valiant alias, which draws from every combined influence they have. Although the production roots of the duo lie firmly within the EDM bracket, the music they create cannot be labelled, boxed in or distinguished within any one genre; they describe it most simply as a hybrid of English and American dance music. The Electronic Dance Music Industry has been crying out for an overhaul, a fresh wave of artists who refuse to conform to the current, saturated and archetypal status-quo.