Uppermost Unveils New Single "Perseverance"
Time for some gorgeous electronic music! French electronic producer Uppermost is back with a dreamy new single called Perseverance, which is the title track of his upcoming album set to arrive on March 23rd.

Perseverance features acclaimed singer/songwriter Harry Pane and it features gorgeous synth works and an infectious beat wrapped around Harry's soulful vocals! I am completely mesmerized by this majestic and cinematic piece of smooth electronic music! Check it out below!

Perseverance follows his previous single Slide, featuring French independent rapper Yudimah. 

Based in Paris, Behdad Nejatbakhshe aka Uppermost crafts each of his compositions with the will to bring instinctive emotion into the spotlight. Raised on Persian musical influences, the emotional side of music inspired his interest in formulating melodies and chords.

Citing inspiration from artists such as Daft Punk, Burial, Apparat, Phoenix and Pogo, Uppermost is able to transform his affinity for these acts into a sound that pays homage to their influence, while at the same time resonating with his own distinctive style.