Swedish alt-pop powerhouse NONONO return with their infectious new single ‘Friends’, out now on Warner Music Sweden. Loving its energy guys!! It marks the start of the new year for the trio from Stockholm - Stina Wäppling and producers Tobias Jimson (Astma) and Michel Flygare (Rocwell) – with further singles to come, leading up to their second album this Autumn. Watch the Joakim Envik and Erwin Semler-directed visuals below!

Speaking about the video Joakim Envik and Erwin Semler said,
riends’ talks about how relieving it can be when you are able to show weakness, both in front of yourself and others around you. The video is an attempt to illustrate a spectrum of insecurities v’s feeling confident and how that context doesn’t always have to matter when it comes to a person’s psychological wellbeing. The video also captures how liberating and strengthening it can be to reach out to people around you for help or to just admit to yourself that you need help.”
NONONO's Stina Wäppling said,
The song is about gaining strength by accepting your weaknesses. It was shaped by the great contrasts of the music; the melodic melancholic calm feeling that meets the fast, energetic, vibrant, and the way they interact. To me, that completely shaped the outcome of the text and melody. I began to calmly and melodically sing about pain, but when the pulsating part of the music came in, it all got filled up with an energy and I felt a joy over the fact that the sad and painful weaknesses was allowed exist. To me, it has been a weakness to not be able to make it all by myself or to be dependent on another person. Therefore it felt good to sing about it, that I don’t have to do it by myself, I can do anything with a little bit of help from my friends!