Max Styler and TWERL Team Up on New Track "Wasted Time"
Just in time to kick off festival season, Max Styler and TWERL deliver their brand new track Wasted Time on Elysian Records. 

Opening with a creeping, cinematic buildup, Wasted Time blooms with reverberating basslines and warbling synths, all complemented by EVAN GIIA's glimmering vocal performance. The track feels simultaneously powerful and sensitive as Styler's production skills take the listener on slow-burning sonic journey that is intensified by the emotions behind the venomous vocals. Stream it below!

Wasted Time is the first collaboration between Styler and TWERL, who recently released his well-received Stay EP on Elysian. The new track varies diversely in sound from Styler's last single, All Your Love, further bolstering his reputation as a capable chameleon of a producer.