Louis Samson
Danish singer/songwriter Louis Samson has unveiled his brand new single With Me, the 3rd track to be lifted from his forthcoming debut EP, set for release in April 2018!

I am loving his super smooth and captivating vocals! I was instantly drawn to the song thanks to the acoustic guitar, infectious melodies and soulful vibe of this gorgeous love song! Stream it below! 

Speaking about the track Louis said:
I wrote the single ‘With Me’, completely alone in my apartment, shortly after I met my wife Sarah. It’s a love song. And it’s about wanting to prove to your significant other, that you can be trusted. The song was very different from other material I was writing at that time, which is why I haven’t finished it until now. I always knew, that this should be released at some point – it just had to be the right moment. And I’m extremely excited finally being able to share this track with everyone else.
With Me is another strong and very personal single, following the same mood and emotional depth, already expressed in his previous releases Reflection and Forever.