London-based duo KAWALA have just released their new single Do It Like You Do, through Mahogany Records. This song pushes the band forward in natural but unexpected ways, a slinky, summery jam that features hushed vocals that could easily belong to Wild Beasts or Glass Animals, incorporating afrobeat, indie-pop and beyond, while making it feel natural, and not cobbled together. Stream it below!

Speaking about the track they explain
The message in Do It Like You Do that we want to convey is one of encouragement in the face of a new surrounding or scenario. The best way to deal with finding yourself in a new setting is to do what you do best. We wanted to reflect this through the upbeat positive nature of the track.
The journey of KAWALA so far has been anything but traditional. Signed to Mahogany Records (the new venture between Mahogany Sessions and Marathon Artists), the band, led by Jim Higson (vocals) and Daniel McCarthy (guitar), found their sound and style whilst studying together at Leeds College Of Music. It was only a few months before they agreed to drop out together, and head back to their native North London together to start forming the band.

Born and bred in Kentish Town, where the pair met at school, Dan and Jim work respectively as a market stall holder and a baker, and live and breathe North London.

The band's name - how Jim thought 'koala' was spelt due to his dyslexia - is also somewhat a metaphor for the pair putting their own unique twist on a familiar sound. Jim says,
We like that no-one can seem to define us. Is it an indie band? People try and pigeonhole us and I absolutely love that they can't.
Completed by a live band of friends from Kentish Town which includes drums (Ben), electric guitar (Dan) and bass (Reeve), Jim and Dan's music comes fully to life in a full-band setting, with flourishes of subtle but affecting percussion, flicks of electric guitar and atmospheric synths all making up their confusing but intoxicating world.

Having already sold out their headline shows at The Waiting Room in two days and Camden Assembly show in three days - all before they put a track out - KAWALA will headline OMEARA on April 18th.

Live dates:

April 18th - London, OMEARA
May 5th - Live At Leeds
May 6th - Liverpool Sound City
May 25th - Dot To Dot Festival, Manchester
May 26th - Dot To Dot Festival, Bristol
May 27th - Dot To Dot Festival, Nottingham