Bolier Releases "One of Them Nights" ft. Roya
Dutch DJ and producer Bolier - also known as BLR - showcases both of his personas on his newest release package out on Tonspiel: the soulful, pop-influenced original "One of Them Nights. He also delivers a deep, dancefloor burning remix under his BLR moniker. 

The original track (Which I adore) is a sassy, feel-good singalong anthem featuring vocals by Roya and upbeat pop-electronica elements, while the BLR redo heats things up with driving but groovy basslines and exotic melodies. Stream this package below!

The appropriately named One of Them Nights remix will have many diehard dance fans reminiscing over those times when a few innocent cocktails turned into greeting the sunrise at an afterhours club, going down in personal history as landmark memories. One of Them Nights comes just in time for the start of spring festival season in most parts of the world, and we have no doubt that both versions of this track will be pumping through the speakers of concert venues and underground afterparties all year long.