London-based artist Zilo has unveiled her gorgeous new single Keep Up Wimmi. This is a groovy piece of carefree R&B. Backed by an instrumental indebted to classic hip hop, Zilo glides through the beat with finesse delivering an unforgettable hook. Her hushed sing/rap delivery is matched by the track’s lyrical content; a song about being content with your own company without needing the validation of others.

Keep Up Wimmi’s visuals also match the track’s laidback atmosphere. Starting with an intimate snapshot of her life - a collection of her artwork, a look into her bedroom, and an impromptu acapella clip - the visuals serve as an introduction to Zilo’s world. Following Zilo through her day through a series of performance shots and tongue-in-cheek moments, the video celebrates personal space – manifesting the idea that it is possible to not only enjoy, but thrive in your own company. Watch it below!

With Keep Up Wimmi Zilo has marked herself as one of the UK’s most intriguing and exciting new R&B prospects. Reflecting the notion that life can really be as uncomplicated and relaxed as everyone wishes it could be, Keep Up Wimmi’s perfect blend of memorable songwriting and blissful atmospheres makes it one of 2018’s earliest contenders for this year’s essential summer anthem.