TRACE shares ode to unrequited lust in "Blood and Bones"
Vietnamese-American newcomer TRACE has unveiled her brand new single Blood and Bones, produced by Jimmy Harry (Oh Land, Kylie Minogue) and mixed by Morning Estrada (Ty Dolla Sign, Aminé). 

Here the Los Angeles based upstart unveiles a whimsical electronic cut with a smooth and smoky R&B vibe to it. TRACE penned the song about the "misinterpreted allure" that often accompanies unrequited love (or lust), and wanting someone you feel you understand, when in reality that desire is just "an infatuation." Stream it below!

TRACE explains,
There’s something so romantic about seeing someone for the first time and feeling like you know them already – or at the least, know everything about them. You start to fall for the person you’ve already made them out to be in your mind, getting caught up in your own ideas about them. Even better when they’re out of reach or unexpected. It’s a romantic fantasy when someone lives up to your imagination about them. Blood and Bones is my way of admitting that underneath the decorative and detailed surface of me, there’s a truth I’ll keep from you.