The 27
Perfect guitar-pop band The 27 are poised to unleash their latest infectious gem with new single Tell Me, out on April 27th.

With their glorious nods to late 60s California and the close harmonies of The Byrds and CS&N but with a hip, modern twist, the band are winning over everyone who hears them, and Tell Me is another prove of that talent. Stream it below!

The group, who were recently given the seal of approval by no less than Beyoncé, have surpassed themselves with the glorious forthcoming release, balancing the sunny optimism of the music with a tale of desperate longing  for an out-of-reach love.

Guitarist/singer Henry Parker, David Page (bass/vocals) and Tom Michell (guitar/vocals) have recently been finishing off their debut album in Los Angeles and it was as they were doing so that they ran into Beyoncé and Jay-Z, with Queen Bey declaring the band “cool” during their brief encounter.

To accompany their latest three-minute masterpiece, the band have filmed a brilliant new video which features a cameo appearance from a familiar face – a national treasure no less – although they are keeping the star’s name under wraps for now.

The new video sees them making ends meet by working in a warehouse, trying to overcome the drudgery of the day and deflect attention from one of their conceited high-flying colleagues (played by our mystery guest) to win the attention and affection of the new girl on the staff.

Speaking about the video Henry Parker said,
It was definitely one of the longest and most surreal days of my life.  Working with our mystery guest was a true pleasure though and most amusing. I can’t say much more without giving the game away but I do hope that even with my questionable acting skills that it’s an enjoyable three and a bit minutes for everyone viewing.