Sheldon Universe Unveils New Single "Pretty Woman"
Canadian singer/songwirter Sheldon Universe has unveiled his new single Pretty Woman, the first single off his upcoming album Mine. This is an infectious piece of R&B and soul, super smooth and groovy. Stream it below!

With his energy being painted with his inspirations such as Michael Jackson, Max Martin, and Coldplay, Sheldon Universe expresses the positive thinking he wants out of his music. With his new album Mine expect to have your spirits lifted. Speaking about it Sheldon said,
I have made all kinds of music from generic pop, rock, to low frequency trap to broadway jazz to electronic dance and world music … experimental music and this album was basically me saying no to a lot of creations and finding a cohesive sound for my album. The album is about being in love and is only the beginning of my journey as an artist and there is lots more to come.