Brighton’s young artist-producer LUME has unveiled her new song Skin, that ponders on a common dream of an idyllic state where time doesn’t exist and you can just get to know somebody a bit better in our #busy lives. 

The intimate track is full of pulsing beats and is infused with a composed sensuality that’s easy to submerge into. Lifted from her forthcoming EP, Skin explores the constant push and pull between avoiding all consequences and being bound by them, as the track’s chorus and verses alternate between fantasy and reality scenarios. Its addictive melodies and minimal production will dive beneath your outer membrane and have you hitting repeat. Stream it below!

Skin follows her previous single, Tip Of Your Thumb, which is the title track of her forthcoming 4-track EP.

On March 8th LUME is having her first live show at the Servant Jazz Quarters.