Lauv unveils new single "Getting Over You"
Twenty-three-year-old independent singer, songwriter and producer Lauv has unveiled his brand new single, Getting Over You, the latest track to feature in his evolving playlist I met you when I was 18. Stream it below!

Getting Over You is a smooth song about overcoming a recent heartbreak. Set to glacial beats and warm synths, Lauv’s voice refracting into shards of melody against the perfectly matched production, the track is a showcase of Ari Leff’s talents as both a vocalist and a producer.

Speaking about the song Lauv said,
I’ve been playing this song live for awhile & it means a lot to me, so i’m excited to finally officially share it with the world. getting over you lands toward the end of IMYWIW18 (although i won’t promise it’s the end cause i write A LOT of sad songs). and it’s basically about that feeling after a breakup where you think you might literally never get over it, and so you’re living what feels to be an endless cycle of self-destruction, loathing, and emptiness.