For Esmé Unveils New Single "Doubtmouth"
Canadian singer/songwriter For Esmé has unveiled her brand new single Doubtmouth, taken from her forthcoming album, Righteous Woman, set to arrive on May 25th. Loving the electronics of the song, super infectious beat and meaningful lyrics. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song For Esmé said,
Doubtmouth moves through the doubt that chokes us, and the labels that shrink us, to find a voice and body that refuses to be quieted. 
When talking about Righteous Woman she added,
My forthcoming LP, Righteous Woman, is a feminist awakening and excavation of the voices within. As I worked to uncover my own internalized misogyny and to interrogate the things I repress and overthink, I simultaneously researched. I read studies about the effects of self-objectification and catcalling, the cultural bias towards female anger, what creates a gender based confidence gap and more. I wanted to explore the themes of trying to be a modern, progressive, open-minded woman, and all the challenges that come along with that, especially that of confronting one’s own privilege. I found the exploration at times painful and isolating -- realizing how much people prefer the comfort of the status quo.