808INK Unveil New Single ‘Top Flow’
Over the last three years, 808INK have proved themselves as one of the most potent musical forces coming out of London in recent memory. Now the duo, comprised of 808Charmer and Mumblez BlackInk, has unveiled their awesome new single Top Flow!

Opening to an unforgettable hook from 808Charmer, Top Flow marks itself as one of 808INK’s most immediate works to date, with both Mumblez and Charmer exuding confidence over the track’s low-end heavy instrumental. Stream it below!

With their forthcoming When I’m About, You’ll Know EP, 808INK have harnessed that notoriety and translated it into 9 tracks of infectious crossover hip hop.

Releasing on 2nd March, 808INK’s When I’m About, You’ll Know EP is a huge sonic leap forward for the collective. Mastering the duality between their unforgettable melodics and ferocious intensity, 808INK have created the crossover record they have always threatened to; a body of work that’s just as impactful transmitting from radios around the world as it is thumping from car stereos and club soundsystems.