WNT-AL-N Unveils Debut Single "Way Out"

WNT-AL-N Unveils Debut Single "Way Out"
Pop musician, producer and performer WNT-AL-N (pronounced Went All In) released his debut track, Way Out. The single blends a mix of festive, culturally infused music with trap elements alongside a bold and unabashed pop-style melody. Stream it below!

Way Out is about having fun and embracing individuality, while living outside of the proverbial “box” created by societal standards. The track has elements of multicultural and inclusive themes, while maintaining high energy and danceable beats. His music reflects his fluidity, and through it, he wants people to know they too can be as open as he is to the universe and all it has to offer. WNT-AL-N co-produced the track with The Art Teacher, known for producing some of the biggest in the business including Dr. Dre and others.

Currently splitting his time between his home of Singapore and Atlanta, WNT-AL-N is no stranger to travel. He’s moved over 30 times while growing up, and journeying life's road is in his DNA. His worldly experiences have enabled him to adapt to many new situations and to "fly with the wind," as he says. WNT-AL-N’s always motivated to learn about and be conscious of the traditions of the ancient and revered cultures of the world including but not limited to, Asia, Africa, The Americas and Eastern Europe. He has immersed himself in the culture, appreciating all it has to offer, including fashion, dance, and cuisine.
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