Polina Grace
Social media star and Montreal-based Polina Grace seeks revenge in the official music video for her brand new single Red Skies. This is a soulful pop ballad that showcases Polina's powerful vocals. Watch the visuals below!

Polina Grace’s talents have developed into a knockout punch Canada has yet to see in decades, gaining over 1 million likes and shares on her social media pages to date.

But it is her love of singing and music that is getting the most attention in her life.

Based in Montreal, the genuine, mature, and centered 22-year-old spent more than two years independently writing, recording, and financing her debut record under the wing of Vancouver-based internationally renowned music producer John Webster. Grace defines her music as being a “hybrid” of all the genres that she grew up listening to and admiring—from rock and country to soul and RnB. Polina’s goal has always been to record music that she simply loves and believes in the message of, as opposed to conforming to contemporary popular music standards.
Polina shares,
My main instrument of self-expression has always been my singing voice. The first thing I would notice in my favourite songs when I was a kid was the vocals. I love big, soulful, smooth, powerful voices. Us vocalists, we live inside our instrument, and so everything that our minds and body go through reflect directly onto the instrument. That vulnerability is what makes singing so precious to me, as everything that our minds and bodies go through directly impacts on our very vulnerable mechanism of self-expression.