LUME is back with the amazing "Tip Of Your Thumb"

LUME is back with an amazing new single called Tip Of Your Thumb. the song highlights themes of getting sucked into other people’s issues; internet trolls, gossip and the drama of it all. The new song also comes with the news of her debut EP with the same name. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song the Brighton writer-producer said,
I wanted the song to feel like it was playful, whilst relaying a deeper message. it’s about the culture of typing our thoughts and fighting social media wars with smart phones, where our thumb takes over to replace our voice.
Tip Of Your Thumb was produced and written by LUME in her bedroom studio and follows the elegant debut single Magnets which launched late last year. 

Looking ahead to March LUME will be releasing her debut EP, the four song recorded tracklist will explore ideas of disconnection and longing, even when we’re part of a world that is meant be more connected than ever. LUME’s aspirations are simple enough;
I just want to be able to keep releasing music that I am truly proud of and to connect one-to-one with those who like listening.
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