James Blonde Drop New Single "Heartbreak"

James Blonde
Canadian indie band James Blonde have just unveiled their brand new single Heartbreak. This alt-rock track is taken from their self-titled album out now. Stream it below! 

I love this song so much guys! Super infectious melodic pop/rock music! Like kindred spirits Billy Talent and Franz Ferdinand, the Niagara Falls-based trio of guitarist Steph Mercier, drummer Phil Taylor, and bassist Neil Carson are sonic subsets of a sort, expertly channelling their individual parts together to create an ultra-accessible rock behemoth that navigates the sweet spot between scorch and swoon.

James Blonde’s brilliantly assured self-titled debut may be the most persuasive argument yet that killer music really is greater than the sum of its parts. Also, that three guys can produce a glorious racket when they set their hearts and minds to it.

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