Sherpa Unveil ‘Fornever’ Music Video
Danish dark pop act, Sherpa, have unveiled the stunning visuals for their dreamy debut single Fornever, out via the indie label MiniMe Records. The visuals were directed by Tom McKenzie and stars Sunniva Løvland Byvard and Peter Hunter. Watch it below!

Beginning with soul-shaking drums and the tender lead vocals of Carsten Eliasen’s, the track’s kaleidoscopic layering is both stylistically forward thinking and nostalgic. Overflowing at its finale to a contemplative, pulsating, synth-driven outro, the duo introduce their unique method of creating a musical space to dictate an emotional uprooting for the listener. Describing the artistic vision of the word Fornever, Eliasen comments,
The lyrics reflect on those moments that, seem like they could last forever, but with a blink of an eye they disappear. Maybe they become distant memories, maybe you doubt if they ever happened – they become fornever moments. We want people to remember and appreciate those moments.

Fornever acts as a gateway into the life-force of Sherpa who use their platform as a vehicle towards expressing ‘unspoken emotions’ – those feelings of self-torment that individuals bury deep within. The band name derives from Carsten’s Nepalese heritage – the sherpas live in the Himalayas, guiding travelers on their dangerous quest to the peak of the mountains. Mirrored in Sherpa’s essence as artists, their desire to “take people to the places where they feel the insecurity” is a musical voyage that is as cathartic as it is draining at times.