Primitive Race
When Primitive Race announced their second album, fans were surprised for the new direction, as well as the addition of 90s alt-rock legends Chuck Mosley (Faith No More, Bad Brains) and Dale Crover (The Melvins). The originally Industrial super group released what was an unexpectedly experimental alternative rock album, but the combination of innovative musicianship, polished production, and gritty sensibility works; and then a greater shock: the quirky front-man died only 6 days after the album dropped. Primitive Race founder, bassist, and long-time friend of Mosley has, after much consideration and in consultation with his fellow band members, changed the focus of the album to honoring Chuck's memory.
"I wasn’t prepared for any of this. Most only knew Chuck Mosley as the former singer of Faith No More; to me was a friend with whom I had formed a special bond over the past 17 years. Chuck was funny, witty, charismatic, and charming in a way that was only Chuck. He was truly one of a kind. Chuck inspired Mark, Erie, and I, and I knew we did the same for him. He felt we had created something that allowed him to grow as an artist. He was thrilled and honored to be playing on a record with Dale Crover. I was just happy to know that we made a record that I enjoyed; a group of friends creating something together. I am sure that Chuck would want us all to learn and grow from his struggles. Addiction is a horrible burden to bare for the afflicted and their loved ones. If you are or know someone who needs help don’t be afraid to ask." - Chris Kniker

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