Mina Rose premieres evocative video for ‘Kingdom’
Mina Rose has premiered the video for her second solo track Kingdom, which is available today alongside debut EP, Issue 25. The EP also includes the widely-acclaimed first single Lemons & Limes. Watch it below!

Describing the video for Kingdom, Mina Rose writes:
I wanted the Kingdom video to show the process of breaking out of the mold we think we should fit and realising that we all have been living our own unique collection of experiences. That we are able to create our own unique kingdoms as we wish, while also being able to live happily alongside other people who are creating their own kingdoms too.

The first location in the video is my Grandparents flat, where growing up I was able to express my creativity and imagination from fancy dress to little performances on the mini stage my Granny made. Their home to me represents freedom of expression. The second location is the three boys' home. A place full of creativity and love, where each young King is able to express themselves and create their own kingdoms without judgement. The last location is the Tuttii Fruttii Salon run by Tuttii and Toni, located in the heart of Deptford, another place that has played a big part in creating my Kingdom. Both Toni and Tuttii are an amazing example of choosing to see the beauty in being unique and focusing on creating a Kingdom that allows you to fully express yourself.
Stream the Issue 25 EP below!