Lyonheart Unveils ‘No Brakes’ EP

Lyonheart Unveils ‘No Brakes’ EP
Iranian-born / London-based music producer, Lyonheart has unveiled his brand EP No Brakes, out now via Black Hole Recordings. This 4 track EP features smooth and infectious electronic music which you can stream below!

I love the super chilled Running, featuring Aqualung, and Refuge, which is packed with tumbling breakbeats, strummed guitars and pianoforte licks chiming brilliantly with his brooding vocals and every-bit-as bittersweet lyrics. 

Guru brings symphonic and orchestral elements to the EP and through its vivid strings, adds no small degree of grandeur to the collection. Lyonheart underscores the calmer edge of his song with poignant piano lamentations and cooler bass movements. Final track Amelia finds Lyonheart at his most vocally uplifting and is awash with catchy harmonies, big strings, infectious, 80s-induced synth moments and neat FX aftereffects. 

Taking inspiration from the likes of early Massive Attack, Radiohead and Depeche Mode onto Disclosure and Mylo, the EP is a thrilling and bold statement of intent.
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