French DJ Duo Pogo X Pogo
Eclectic French dance duo Pogo X Pogo have premeired their debut official music video for their awesome single Walk Into Your Soul. Watch the Myo Sis-directed video below!

Walk Into Your Soul is a smooth, melodic dance track featuring magnetic melodies and pulsating dance-pop progressions. It is taken from their Memories EP which you can stream below!

Pogo X Pogo’s Ruben Navarro and Nicholas Perez have carefully coined their own unique brand of neo-electronic music highlighted by pop-dance elements across their works. In 2016 their single ‘Romance’ drew over one million streams, setting the stage for continued success. The ‘Memories’ EP is artfully accented by the charming 'Walk Into Your Soul' video, and hints at a remarkably bright future for the French duo in 2018 and beyond.