Audio Dope drops acoustic-ambient cut ‘Floating’
Swiss music producer, Audio Dope has just dropped a new acoustic-ambient cut titled Floating, lifted from his forthcoming self-titled debut album. 

Floating is a perfect chillout song that begins with acoustic chords before branching into an eclectic mix-match of heavenly vocal fragments, tight drums and crisp synths. Delicately poised and elegantly wistful, ‘Floating’ captures exactly what it says on the tin, a lullaby into a peaceful, yet trippy slumber. Stream it below!

Produced by fellow Basel native and graphic designer, Cyrill Studer, the music video was a ‘free pass’ to create a representation of the track’s soundscape. Visually, the psychedelic and cosmic video shifts between three-dimensional waves and patterns in time to the song’s layered foundations. The black and white aesthetic, mirrored in the single’s faceless artwork, channels further this ethereal, transcendent energy conveyed in a minimalist, post-modern fashion.