Zilm Unveils New Single "Life is Like"
Happy Tuesday everybody! Time for some music from down under! Australian multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/radio presenter Zilm has unveiled his brand new single Life Is Like, a heavy rock/rap song with a touch of funk, similar to Rage Against The Machine or early Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Each verse starts with a dream before discussing the ups and downs of life, work, gigging, travels, and never giving up despite how tough things become. It then explodes into a heavy chorus explaining what Life Is Like. Stream it below!

Life Is Like is taken from his upcoming Funk The System EP set to come out on December 1st. The EP was influenced by world travel, struggles of mental health and 'the system'. The music was mainly created from jamming on loops and inspired by "tasty European jams" while Zilm was traveling around Europe with his guitar and a backpack mid-2016. Funk The System EP sounds like a young rapper/guitarist pouring his soul out over heavy guitar-driven funk with a touch of jazz/fusion.