Ziynet Sali

Turkish superstar Ziynet Sali is preparing to bring her stardom to England with the release of her new single Magic on January 12th 2018. The song, featuring Marshall Music, is a high energy catchy pop/dance tune with a Turkish inspired drop. Watch the official music video below!

The track was produced by Anthony Marshall (known simply as Marshall), an award winning record producer and song writer who has worked with artists such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Nelly Furtado – to mention just a few of his successes. 

The Album (that Magic appears on) contains a wonderfully eclectic mix of musical styles. Some tracks are heavily influenced by her Turkish and Greek heritage, others are Hip Hop and RnB in their production, and some are, soon to be, pop classics. Ziynet wants this album to reach listeners outside of her current audience, a desire easily achieved with such a varied and diverse track list. 

Born in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ziynet moved to Manchester when she was just a few weeks old where she remained until she was six. Her family then returned to Northern Cyrpus where she finished her education, before attending a prestigious music academy in Istanbul, the cultural capital of Turkey. It is partly because of her immersion into the culture of Britain, Turkey, and Cyprus that make Ziynet the international star that she is.