The Holy Gasp Unveil New Single "Beat Wave"
Toronto-based band The Holy Gasp have unveiled their brand new single Beat Wave, and it's quite something. If I could put this song in a category I'd say it's a mix of punk, with orchestral but with a hardcore vibe. It's definitely one of a kind! It souns like a perfect track for Halloween and it features 17 artists! Loving the strings at the beginning that make way for this hectic theatrical piece. Beat Wave is the first single off their forthcoming second record. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Benjamin Hackman said,
I wrote it on Toronto Island, where I moved after my ex-wife and I split up. I was real depressed at the time. And real lonely, too. Most days I couldn’t get out of bed. I’d lay there on stinked-up sheets, weeping... wishing for my old life back... I needed to write it out, laugh at myself, take the edge off. Divorce shocks the system, y’know. It makes you ask a whole lotta questions about how you’re gonna live your life and who you’re gonna be in your post-married world. You set out to build a future with someone, and when you call it quits on a marriage, you call it quits on that future too. So you gotta rewrite yourself entirely. Sebastian was real supportive. He just kept saying, “Write it out… make it as big as you need to... I’ll figure out how to arrange it.” And he did. He found a way to get a big ol’ chambre ensemble to play punk, which is pretty funny if you think about it--in a Bugs-Bunny-in-tails kinda way.

Live Shows:

November 14 – Sherbrooke – Bar Le Magog w/ Bloodshot Bill
November 15 – Moncton – Plan B
November 16 – Halifax – The Seahorse Tavern w/ Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble, Superfluid
November 17 – St. John – Pepper’s Pub
November 23 – Quebec City – Le Cercle w/ Les Lunatiques
November 24 – Trois Rivieres – Zenob w/ Monteiro Super Project
November 30 – Ottawa – House of Targ w/ Josh Mover & The Shakers, Riishi Von Rex
December 2 – Toronto – The Smiling Buddha w/ Friendly Rich, Fat As Fuck
December 7 – Peterborough - Catalina’s w/ Kitty Pit, Meowlinda
December 8 – Hamilton - Mills Hardware w/ Garbageface, The Dale Morningstar One Man Band
December 9 – Windsor – Phog Lounge w/ Garbageface