Steep Steps do Game Of Thrones theme in the style of Stranger Things

Steep Steps does Game Of Thrones theme in the style of Stranger Things
Any Game Of Thrones and Stranger Things fans out there? Electronic Production duo Steep Steps, made up of ArtRock band RÊVE front-woman Athena Hiotis and Multi-Instrumental Producer/Engineer Tony Correlli, have taken 2 of the hottest TV show franchises of our days to create one of the most enigmatic acoustic fusions of the of recent history. 

The pair took the Medieval instrumental arrangement of HBO's Game of Thrones, and injected it with layers of dark synths and electronic orchestration recalling Netflix's mid-80s placed, hit drama Stranger Things. Unsatisfied to leave the experience as audio alone, Steep Steps has created a haunting music video inspired by the sinister ambiguity of 'the upside down.' Watch it below!

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