Rhys Lewis Drops New Single "Reason To Hate You"
Hot off the success of Wish I Was Sober, Be Your Man and I Know The Feeling, Rhys Lewis unveils his brand new single Reason To Hate You, out now on Decca Records. This is a smooth track packed with tons of emotion and I am a sucker for that guitar! Love the fact that its quite stripped back which makes its message more powerful! Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Rhys said,
My new song, ‘Reason To Hate You’ is OUT NOW. This was a hard one to write, it’s never easy getting over someone you didn’t want to lose.
The 24-year-old bright talent has spent time between studios in London, Nashville, Stockholm, LA and Berlin, which has allowed him to develop a maturity to his song-writing, fusing a rich soulful tone with a lyrical immediacy straight from the heart of Bill Withers, James Taylor and Carole King. Rhys has an undeniable gift to capture emotions that will strike a chord with anyone, and has already garnered a troupe of loyal fans in the UK as well as internationally.