Novah release new single ‘Ghost’ feat. Amanda Mair
Stockholm-based Dream Pop band Novah have teamed up with acclaimed singer/songwriter Amanda Mair for their new single Ghost. The track features industrial drum grooves, which are juxtaposed with haunting piano chords and Mair’s delicate voice. Stream it below!

On working with Amanda Mair Novah told us:
Amanda is a really cool artist, we’ve been talking for a long time about doing a collaboration with her and when this song came up it just felt right.

Having recorded their debut EP on a remote island, a studios’ individuality has a significant effect on Novah’s recording process:
We were recording in Stockholm in a studio with an old upright piano, and started messing around with complex beats on a drum machine and then adding piano chords together with it. It took a while before it turned into something you can actually listen to… but it ended up as a beautiful song and we are very proud of this one!

Novah consist of David Tranberg on Vocals/Guitar, Simon Hagström Rennerstedt on Vocals/Guitar/Keys, and Filip Hagström Rennerstedt on Bass. Raised on the same street on an island outside Stockholm, they played in different formations during their early teenage years until they decided to form their first band together at the age of 15 with British Indie as a common musical thread. The project quickly became serious, and their melancholic sounds can be heard on TV shows on networks such as MTV – their intense crescendos are the perfect backdrop for emotional drama.