Joelina Drews Shares New Single ‘Skybar’
German pop singer and television personality Joelina Drews has unveiled her debut single Skybar! Loving this song guys! Skybar blends pop, R&B, and Future Bass and its crisp production allows for Joelina's sultry vocals to shine. This song is ideal for fans of Dua Lipa and Tove Lo. Stream it below!

Joleina was inspired to write Skybar about her nights out at the rooftop of the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles. The song is about meeting a new crush, wanting to get closer to them, and being unable to focus on anything else. Her voice is smooth and polished but has a tinge of rasp to it that distinguishes her from most of her contemporaries.

Joelina Drews was destined to be a pop star as she has been involved in music her whole life. Her father is famous German artist Jurgen Drews and she started taking vocal and piano lessons at just six years old. At 14, she began a stint as an Uber Pop musician and was seen on TV shows such as “The Dome” and “Stepping Out”, a German version of Dancing with the Stars. Nearly seven years later, Joelina has found her sound and is ready to make her mark in the world of pop music as she debuts her pop tinged future bass single Skybar!

Skybar is the first single off her upcoming full length album, set to be released in April 2018. Expect Joelina’s project to be filled more of her catchy mix of dancey pop and R&B!