Iffy Unveil Live Video For New Single "Not Good Enough"
Norwegian psychedelic pop band Iffy Orbit have unveiled a live video for their latest single Not Good Enough. Their sound is quite an upbeat pyschedelic pop with dreamy synths and funky basslines. Watch the video below!

Not Good Enough is about living up to expectations. When everyone has their eyes on you the pressure to perform can make or break you. When things go wrong, it feels like a bad dream. The distorted bass line resonates with Tame Impala’s Less I Know The Better – failure is a nightmare and also the best learning experience.

Despite the imperceptibly slow connotations of the band’s name and album title, the music teleports listeners to groovy dimensions. Their interplanetary sounds launched them as support on Lovespeake’s album tour in 2016 and as special guests with Twenty One Pilots at John Dee and The Wombats at Rockefeller.

Not Good Enough is taken from their debut album, Slow Times, out now and you can stream it below!