ECKOES Unveils New Single ‘Nobody Else’
British singer/songwriter ECKOES has returned with a gorgeous new single titled Nobody Else! Her tender vocals fit perfectly with the rich ambient synth textures of the track. Stream it below! 

Nobody Else charts the journey from heartache to happiness, from the depths of loneliness to affirmation in the arms of the one who helps us find ourselves when we’re certain that we’re lost. It’s ECKOES’ after-midnight ballad, conveying intimacy and expansiveness in the fabric of its hypnotic instrumentation. On Nobody Else ECKOES doesn’t just reveal her consistency as an artist, writer and singer, she lays herself bare to her ever-growing audience.

Speaking about the single ECKOES said,
The song? It’s about the one who was worth it all; all the wait, all the heartbreaks, all the darkness. The one who finds you when you didn’t think it would happen, when you’d given up, they breathe new life into you. And they seem to be created just for you, made from a mould of your body - the other half. The love that surprises even this most skeptical girl and opens up a world of such bliss she hadn’t dared to dream it. He is both wonder and certainty.