Young Dreams
Norwegian 5-piece band Young Dreams  have unveiled their brand new single Cells, the first single from their forthcoming second album Waves 2 U, which will be released in January 2018. Watch the official music video for this stunning piece of dream-pop/psychedelic music below!

Compared to the almost naive and gullible debut album, Waves 2 You is a very different beast. On the opening track, Cells, the soaring vocals of lead singer Rune Vandaskog encapsulates the message Tellez wants to get across in the most haunting and beautiful way. He says,
While making our first album I was still very hopeful and curious. These songs are more about having arrived where you wanted to be, and discovering it was not what you thought it would be. «Cells» is about the greek mythology figure Icarus, which probably says it all.

Young Dreams is the brainchild of Matias Tellez, the Bergen-born and based wunderkind who has been an ever present figure on the Norwegian music scene since the tender age of 14. He first gained notoriety with a series of charming singles and two studio albums in his teens, before joining forces with a bunch of his friends from the scene around the legendary and now long gone Bergen pub Vamoose. The result was Young Dreams, the perfect vehicle for Tellez’ startlingly mature and über melodic teenage symphonies. Shortly after releasing their first set of singles, the band were signed to Modular Recordings in 2011. Their 2013 debut album 'Between Places' garnered international critical acclaim and the band also won a Norwegian Grammy for their efforts.

Waves 2 U Official tracklisting:
1. Cells
2. Wildwind
3. My Brain On Love
4. Somebody Else
5. Demolition
6. Sea One
7. Gun Of Light
8. Sea Two
9. Le Futur Qui Passe
10. Astral Plane
11. Boys
12. Take My Lungs

All songs are written and produced by Matias Tellez.

Young Dreams are:

Matias Tellez
Pablo Tellez
Rune Vandaskog
Njål Paulsberg
Marius Erster Bergsen