Wyvern Lingo Unveil New Single ‘Out Of My Hands’

Wyvern Lingo Unveil New Single ‘Out Of My Hands’
Wyvern Lingo get political. Ireland's three-piece band have unveiled their latest single Out Of My Hands, which challenges both apathy and skepticism. Stream it below!

Speaking about Out Of My Hands Karen from the band says:
“Out of My Hands” was inspired by a man I met in a pub, the night of the Home Sweet Home / Occupy Nama demonstration. He was completely cynical towards activism. I tried to get inside his head, that mistrust and negativity on the refugee crisis, homelessness in Ireland, and the Repeal the 8th movement.
Out Of My Hands comes smokin’ hot on the trail of the stereotype challenging radio smash I Love You, Sadie, as Wyvern Lingo once again show themselves to be the sharp social commentators that you can get down and dance to.

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