Hey guys! Time for some great news for all your music lovers & producers out there! Dutch producer & DJ duo SICK INDIVIDUALS are launching today, October 18th, their very first in-house software plugin, the FOCUS ONE, out now with Amsterdam Dance Event 2017 providing the perfect platform for this launch.

Intent on opening the door for the next generation of up and coming producers, the pair worked closely with Prolody and Moditone for over two years, ultimately developing their ‘FOCUS ONE’ plugin to help cut through the back end of what can be a frustratingly detail-orientated process, to access the highest sound quality possible.

Speaking from their studio in the Netherlands, Ray and Jim spoke about why they felt the need to create the ‘FOCUS ONE’:
We wanted to deliver a plugin that really delivered what producers need, one that gives better results faster,” Ray said. “It took us two years to get it just the way we wanted it, but you should notice straight away the difference ‘FOCUS ONE’ makes to your composition.

“The plugin has five key features that can be really beneficial for your mix and with a low cpu” added Jim. “We really think the ‘FOCUS ONE’ is the perfect tool to improve your mix - it’s what we use ourselves so you know it’s going to be absolutely spot on.

In layman’s terms, a plugin is about “making” sound. Working with audio involves two different avenues of software: instruments (the source), then what you actually do with the sound they create (processing). Your synth is the ‘source’; ‘FOCUS ONE’ is your processor.

Used by SICK INDIVIDUALS  in the studio themselves, the ‘FOCUS ONE’ plugin has five high-level effects that provide everything you need to make your synths sound big, cut through the mix and work together perfectly with your beats. It may look like you’re simply moving a fader, but behind the scenes there’s a ton going on:
  • FOCUS - advanced compression that slams your sound in a unique way. Toughen up your mix.
  • BOOST - a specialized EQ to boost your leads. Enhance your sound and cut through the mix.
  • DRIVE - high resolution distortion to give more crunch and punch. Add harmonics to your sounds.
  • WIDEN - mid-side effect that opens up your stereo image, adding substantial size to your mix. Make everything sound huge.
  • PULSE - a smart tremolo effect, automatically synced to your BPM. Create excitement and energy.
  • EXTREME MODE - switch to extreme mode and push your mix beyond the limits. Make it SICK.