Sands shares new single ‘Let’s Run’
London-based multi-instrumentalist Sands has announced his new single Let's Run, the first track of his Double A Side single Let’s Run / Echoes - the latter a cover of cult singer/songwriter Gene Clark, formerly of The Byrds - set to drop on October 27th! Let’s Run and Echoes were mixed in Berlin at Kaiku Studio by Jonas Verwijnen (Moon Duo, Follakzoid) with additional mixing by Janne Lounatvuori.

On the surface Let’s Run paints a bubbly psych-pop picture, but the undertone is spread with a biting post-punk aftertaste. The track melds a psychedelic honky-tonk piano melody with guitar timbres layered in arresting instrumentals. Stream it below!

Speaking about the single Sands said,
‘Let's Run’ came right away one afternoon, strumming the first two chords. In my head it was instantly a song playing in some sort of Noir movie, set in the West Coast. With the lyrics I tried to paint a picture of the colour and tone I was envisioning.
Sands' obsession with records turned to playing guitar and drums at an early age. He later became involved in recording and engineering, following in the footsteps of some of his greatest influences: Neil Young, The Smiths, Bowie, Talk Talk, Stone Roses, Spiritualized, Mark Lanegan, Primal Scream, David Lynch, Echo and the Bunnymen, the Gun Club, QOTSA, Chris Isaak, Grant Lee Buffalo, George Harrison, The Rolling Stones and Italian composer Gianni Marchetti.

The artwork for the single is by Lucas Donaud, famed for his work with numerous psych acts such as Sundara Karma, The Growlers, The Liminanas and Black Lips.