Notaker & Declan James Unveil New Single "Who I Am" ft. Karra

Notaker & Declan James Unveil New Single "Who I Am" ft. Karra
Time to dance! The ever-inventive Notaker teamed up with fellow producer Declan James and vocalist Karra to deliver a brand new track Who I Am. With its soaring, cinematic synths and Karra's emotive vocals, Who I Am feels distinctly more trance-influenced than Notaker's past productions, and it works perfectly with the song's underlying meaning of acceptance and understanding. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Notaker said,
I'm very proud of this record. I feel that Declan, Karra, and I all put our best foot forward on this and it happened to turn into something really special.
Who I Am is the lead single on Notaker's upcoming EP Genesis, which will be fully released on Monstercat on October 24th.
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