KUURO Unleash "Swarm"
Time to dance! KUURO have unveiled their brand new single Swarm, out now on Monstercat. Here they venture into uncharted territory as Swarm is their first journey into dubstep since their breakout debut on Monstercat last October. Staying true to their signature dark & menacing sound, sinister synths pound the speakers creating a powerful bassline strictly for the head bangers. Stream it below!

Speaking about the single KUURO said:
I was messing around with some sounds and and came up with this gnarly bassline that just makes you want to headbang. We were intrigued on what KUURO music would sound like if we went heavier, and "Swarm" was born.
Loving this release guys. It is perfect for bass lovers out there!

KUURO [cure-oh] is miles beyond your cliché new act.

With over a decade of combined production and engineering experience, members Jordin Post & Luke Shipstad usher in a new project and sound for 2017: their bass music alias, KUURO.

KUURO takes their gravitation towards bass music and places it on a collision course with the duo’s affinity for the diverse palette of Asian cultures and aesthetics, and transforms it into a cutting edge approach to electronic music.