Tally Spear Premieres ‘Days Like These’ Video
Let's carry on with more guitar but this time with a country vibe! 21-year-old songwriter Tally Spear has premiered the official music video for her brand new single Days Like These. Such a beautiful folk/country track, driven by a lovely acoustic guitar melody. Watch the visuals below!

Here Tally Spear showcases the versatility of her sound, offering insight to her other forms of self-expression. From the artwork she has crafted for the cover through to her postproduction skills for the music video, Tally is an artist who oversees every aspect of her output. Of the video she states,
Being open and honest as an artist is important to me, and I wanted the Days Like These music video to be both of these things. I wrote this song in a day, when I locked myself indoors with the aim of writing a new track. Ironically though, this track is about being frustrated with writer’s block, - struggling to get thoughts on paper. I wanted this video to simply be like a window into the creative process: spending a lot of time alone, thinking, writing, and feeling both confused and inspired. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were almost in the room with me!

Through her parents’ diverse music collection and her older brother’s dabbling in a punk outfit, Tally’s own musical tastes have always been diverse. A true teeny bopper in her early years, she may have always experimented with lyrics, but only found her true voice when her own musical tastes took shape.

With a Greenwich Village folk sound running throughout her work, the pop, soul, country and rock sounds that have been consistent in her musical journey all shine through to craft a sound that subsequently defies strict genre classification. Already celebrated for her skilled musicianship, distinctive songwriting and insightful storytelling, Tally is a performer who wears her heart on her sleeve. Unafraid of offering real personal insight, she openly explores the anxiety that has plagued her throughout her life.