Spotify Sensation Madison Mars Releases Dancefloor Friendly ‘Atom’
Time to dance! Spotify sensation Madison Mars is back with a gorgeous dancefloor cut called Atom, via Spinnin' Records. My God this one is electrifying!! I just can't stop dancing! It's packed with lots of energy and super groovy melodies.

Atom may sound uncannily familiar to fans of Martin Garrix, who has been dropping it in his festival and club sets - including Ultra Europe and Tomorrowland - for the last couple of months. The track also made an impression on Hardwell, who quoted it as being "the best track I've heard in 2017 so far," placing Madison Mars into official rising star territory. It's not hard to figure out why - Atom possesses the same epic, larger-than-life essence as classic tracks like "Spaceman" and "Animal," the kind of song that's an instant fan-favorite and will drive crowds into a frenzy even years after its release.