OYLS Unveil New Single "In The Light"
Electro-pop duo OYLS have unveiled their brand new single In The Light. This is a super funky and infectious electro-pop track with awesome guitar riffs (which remind me a bit of Daft Punk) and perfect to dance! It's a feel-good track packed with smooth vocals and a groovy bass line. It's impossible not to dance to this one! Stream it below!

In the Light is an airy exploration of self-discovery, lyrically and socially. Speaking about the track Michael Lipp says,
It’s coming from this place of being in a really cloudy head space and having those weird, in-between moments of clarity. Light is kind of shining the awareness on yourself. Those are the dance moments.

OYLS is the joint venture of lifelong best friends Michael Lipp and David Kirshenbaum. They were thrust into the spotlight when their debut song "Maps" rocketed to the top of the Spotify and Hype Machine charts in early 2016.