Best Behavior
Brooklyn-based Garage-Pop band, Best Behavior have unveiled their brand new single Catherine No Chaser, an infectious dance inducing tune! Loving that guitar solo! This indie-rock gem that’s perfect for your pregame mix-tapes. Stream it below!

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, vocalist/guitarist Alex Gruenburg shared,
I’m not sure if it's true that New York City never sleeps but it definitely stays up late. We like to go to this bar that lets us stay after hours and I had just met this girl who could drink me under the table. Beyoncé's last record comes on and we turn the bar into a 6am dance party. I never saw that girl again but it was one of those incredible snapshots of living in Brooklyn that I'll never forget.
Compared to other rock bands, a crowd notorious for its outsize egos, Best Behavior's sense of brotherhood might seem too good to be true. Hailing from Brooklyn, songwriter and guitarist Alex Gruenburg, Jon Mann (guitar) Dan Jacobson (bass), and Chris Jimenez (drums), crash together with the kind of swagger that would be hard to fabricate. Alex is an eclectic, taking cues from the classics of surf rock, hip hop, and Britpop. Taken all together, their music chronicles something like a New Yorker's fantasy about L.A - catchy dance-meets-garage-pop melodies reminiscent of cinematic palm trees and sunsets. #nofilter, but everyone knows the view’s a little too pretty to be real. Absorbed in their early morning reverie, the band is always evolving.