Aquilo Return With New Single ‘I Could Fight On A Wall’


Aquilo are back with a gorgeous new single called I Could Fight On A Wall. The song has an extremely dreamy atmosphere, with beautiful melodies and lush vocals. It has some beachy, Californian vibes to it. Stream it below!

Speaking about I Could Fight On A Wall Aquilo said,
We’d both spent a lot of time in America after releasing the first record. There were a few life changes we’d had to go through and we suppose in turn a lot of inspiration came from the same place. “I Could Fight On A Wall” marks both of us finding confidence again through people we’d grown close to over that year really. We don’t find ourselves writing positive songs often but for some reason this just came around.
Earlier this year they've released their gorgeous In Low Light (Live EP), which followed the release of their debut album Silhouettes nine months ago. I am loving this song but am hoping they release more emotional tracks like the ones on Silhouettes.
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