Petrie Unveil New Single ‘Late Night’

Petrie Unveil New Single ‘Late Night’
Alt-pop duo Petrie have unveiled their brand new single Late Night, out now via Good Groove. This is an infectious pop track that mixes the raw sounds of hip-hop and grunge with pop. Brash guitars and lurching beats are combined with ear-grabbing synth melodies and sugary vocal hooks. Listen to it below!

Speaking about Late Night, Petrie quote:
‘Late Night’ is an ode to growing up too fast. Petrie’s semi-biographical character is discontent and directionless as he laments his desperate need to connect. The scene is a midnight drive, akin to Rebel Without A Cause, a cliché that the love interest mocks as she sarcastically coos: “I close my eyes and this Fiesta is a ’49 Mercury”.

Late Night was co-written with close friend Saint Torrente. Bursts of hi-hats and jittery percussion come courtesy of Atlanta’s Honorable C.N.O.T.E, who has most recently worked with the likes of Travis Scott, Migos and Lil Uzi Vert. 

Petrie are alt-pop duo George and Better Laurence, two friends from Hertfordshire, distinctly British and seemingly intent on pushing songwriting boundaries to their limits.

Petrie are currently busy writing and producing new material and Late Night will be followed by regular releases throughout 2017

Gigs: Headline - Birthdays, London – 9.8.17.
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