Parsons Rocket Project
Atlanta-based Parsons Rocket Project have released their self-titled debut EP. Comprised of six tracks, this is a beautiful mixed bag of dream-gaze, indie rock and space rock, occupying a sweet spot between Blonde Redhead, My Bloody Valentine, Bowery Electric and Slowdive. Stream it below!

If you're into ambient music than this one is for you. My favourite song is Interlude I, super chilled guitars and a dreamy atmosphere. You can check out its official music video below!

Parsons Rocket Project’s musical output is a mixture of ambient, dream pop, indie and space rock. They infuse this multi-colored trippery with the shimmering oceanic resonance of shoegaze and neo-psychedelia to round out this first release.

Bass player Paul Curry said,
We embraced the beautiful noise concept, but strayed from the classic shoegaze template that many bands adhere to. so there are some different feels and sounds to it like this fun disco thump thing with the synth bass on "exit launch." that really pissed off some people in the studio, but it was the kick the track needed.

Parsons’ members cite a number of artist influences, including Flying Saucer Attack, Tape Cuts Tape, Spacemen 3, Eluvium, Swervedriver, Aix Em Klemm, William Basinski, and Clams Casino. However, their sound is closer to Slowdive, Spiritualized, Trespassers William, Mojave 3, and Mazzy Star.

Jody Hasty - Lyrics, Synth, Electric Piano, Drums
Paul Curry - Bass
Benjamin Price - Guitar, Percussion, Midnight Editing
Jeff Holt - Guitar
K. Michelle Dubois - Vocals