Josh Johnstone Unveils New Single "Just What It Is"

Josh Johnstone
Morning everybody! Hailing from Fremantle Western Australia, Josh Johnstone has unveiled his brand new single Just What It Is. This is a feel-good track, super catchy and follows the success of his debut album Call In Whispers. Watch its official music video below!

Speaking about Just What It Is Johnstone admits
I pretty much wrote the song in 5 minutes, as you do. It seems that I had just returned home from the local pub after more than my fair share of ales, picked up a guitar and just like that, she was alive! Funny thing was that the following morning I had completely forgotten about it. It wasn't until a couple of days later I was going though the recordings in my phone and I found it, then it all came back to me. It also explained why I had been wandering around for 2 days with this random melody in my head. They say the songs you write in 5 minutes are the best ones, I think this tune is fair proof of that”. “I have so many voice memo/ phone recording bits and pieces.. some great, some are just ramblings; so bad they are worth listening to for a laugh, but usually they are just pieces... in this case, there was a completed song... I'll take it!”

Taking cues from The Kooks, Boy & Bear, George Ezra, The Lumineers and marrying them with writing influences of Tom Petty, The Kinks and The Lovin Spoonful - Just What It Is will no doubt get stuck in your head, drive you insane and then make everything good again.

For Fans Of: The Kooks | Boy & Bear | George Ezra | The Lumineers | Tom Petty | The Kinks
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