Interview With FØNX

Hey guys! Time for an interview! This time I was lucky enough to ask Pop-RnB singer-songwriter & producer FØNX some questions. Recently he released his brand new single Can’t Get Enough which I really can't get enough (I know, cheesy pun intended). Drawing influence from the likes of Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, D'Angelo, John Mayer and Tame Impala, he’d write wherever he could from trains, buses to coffee shops and has played shows across London building up his profile and fanbase. Now let's to get to know him a bit more!

CLNL: I am addicted to your new single Can’t Get Enough. Can you tell me about the writing process for this track? What was the inspiration behind it?
FØNX: Awesome to hear thank you! Yes, the initial story and lyrics came about after a night out in Brighton with a friend who told me this crazy story about how he recently tripped out for 20 hours straight which sounded pretty bad. I went away from that night with his story going round in my head and was really eager to write something.
I just happened to be writing something at the time that matched story and theme wise so that's how ‘Can't Get Enough’ started.

CLNL: How was it working with Tommaso Colliva? Did you guys work on more songs?
FØNX: It was amazing working with Tommaso. I write my songs and produce the demos solely at home so it was great to work with someone else with so much experience on my songs. I learnt a lot during the process. We worked on four songs altogether. Hit Me Hard was the first one I put out that I worked on with Tommaso and Can't Get Enough is the second release. So yes we have a couple more tracks still to come!

CLNL: What has been your most enjoyable song to write? Why?
FØNX: I think it was a song called ‘Come On Over’. I h